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Supper Club

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Join us on for a special 6-course menu developed and cooked by live fire chef Daniel Watkins.


For our next series of supper clubs, we’re joining forces with Daniel Watkins, one of the co-founders of Acme Fire Cult, a live-fire restaurant where the menu is cooked entirely over coals and vegetables take centre stage. 


Combining ferments, fire, and the freshest sustainably-sourced produce the UK has to offer, we’ve developed a menu with Daniel that is not only healthy and sustainable, but mind blowingly delicious. 


Being 100% plant-based and gluten-free, vegetables will be at the heart of this low-waste, seasonal menu.


Don’t miss out as we turn up the heat and take Holy Carrot to the next level.

Click HERE to view the menu.

Holy Carrot, Plant-Based Restaurant, Knightsbridge
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