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We are delighted to announce the launch of our first permanent restaurant site on Portobello Road, opening 16th July. Nestled in the heart of London's vibrant Notting Hill neighbourhood, our new flagship restaurant and cocktail bar combines creative vegetable-forward dining, a chic and sophisticated ambiance, and a dedicated commitment to low waste and sustainability.


Showcasing that sustainable dining can be both flavoursome and fashionable, our stunning new restaurant and cocktail bar interior will feature modern, elegant, and earthy design elements, fusing luxury fashion with warm and generous hospitality.


We want to create a relaxed dining spot, both inside and out, where guests can indulge in what we believe to be the very best pleasures of life: food, wine, good vibes and great company. Holy Carrot Portobello will be a neighbourhood restaurant that we hope our customers will return to time and time again.


Inspired by nature and premium quality micro-seasonal ingredients, we work with small-scale producers and foragers, many of whom we share personal and long-lasting relationships with, as well as notable premium producers such as Shrub, Natoora, Flourish, and Primeur. 


Irina Linovich, Founder

Visionary entrepreneur and Holy Carrot founder Irina Linovich traces her culinary journey back to childhood, under the nurturing influence of strong women such as her grandmother. Taking any opportunity to join her grandmother on trips to eclectic local food markets, Irina would immerse herself in the flavours, colours, and noise; instilling a deep connection to nature and fostering a love for growing, preserving, and foraging seasonal produce – experiences that laid the foundation for a life-long love of food and a sustainable approach to various aspects of her life.

Daniel Watkins, Executive Chef

Revered fire and ferment chef Daniel Watkins is behind our menu at Holy Carrot Portobello. Having been brought up vegetarian and eating predominantly plant-based most of his life, Daniel brings with him his verdant passion for plant-first food, alongside extensive experience cooking over fire, most recently at Dalston’s ACME Fire Cult, which he co-founded with fellow chef Andrew Clarke in 2021.


Open flame cooking

Daniel's Holy Carrot menu and approach to cooking in general will demonstrate what is possible with plant-first cooking - through ferments, open fire cooking and the freshest sustainably sourced seasonal produce.


Low waste menus

Holy Carrot’s menus will be free from industrial preservatives, additives and refined sugars where possible, and follow a strict low-waste philosophy, utilising each ingredient in its whole form. Vegetable trim and peelings will be used in sauces, broths and pickles, producing bold flavours while ensuring as little as possible goes to waste.


HC x A Bar With Shapes for a Name

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with famed east London-based ‘A Bar With Shapes For A Name’, voted one of the top 50 bars in the world in 2023, to develop a unique, low-waste cocktail, served alongside a selection of their classics.



Natural & biodynamic wines

To complement the food menu at Holy Carrot, we have an ever-evolving selection of natural and biodynamic wines. The all-natural wine list is curated by rising star sommelier Ania Smelskaya. Known for her innovative wine choices which focus on natural small-batch producers, Ania has consulted for notable restaurant and bar names such as Sager + Wilde, Silo, Akoko and Osip, and award-winning Lisbon-based restaurant SEM.


A huge supporter of natural winemaking and sustainable viticulture, Ania’s wine list at Holy Carrot will spotlight the very best organic and biodynamic producers, with an exciting mix of rare and unusual bottles from across the UK and wider Europe. 


Design-led interior


The interior space at Holy Carrot Portobello is modern, elegant and earthy, with the design of the restaurant led by the creative eye of our wonderful founder, and ex-Vogue Ukraine producer, Irina Linovich, alongside renowned architect design company Al-Jawad Pike, who have completed flagship stores for many luxury fashion brands across the world.

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